Comprehensive Health Planning for Changing Health

Gain clarity and feel empowered when dealing with critical or unpredictable health situations. Feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones wishes.

Health planning through life transitions can reduce uncertainty, stress and suffering for you and your family. Let our comprehensive and individualized approach help you create clarity and direction for care and decision making if you couldn't speak for yourself.

We never thought it would happen to us but our 23 year son was unconscious and critically ill. We were being asked questions we didn't know the answers to ... we didn't have a plan or know what he would want.


Planning Ahead

Create a living document that represents your health care wishes and provides clarity for your family.

Health planning is an important part of comprehensive planning for all ages that guides your financial and legal planning. Proactively know your options through planning for health changes and have them represent your desired quality of life.

Facing Immediate Challenges

Make optimal care decisions for your loved one during medical crisis, cognitive change or life limiting illness. 

In the absence of planning, PHCA helps you find options and solutions for optimal care decisions for your loved ones, both short and long term. We help families work together and connect into an expansive network of support services to support quality of life. 

Providing peace of mind solutions for high quality direction of care.